Please embed figures and tables in the manuscript to become one single file for submission in Microsoft Word or PDF. Once submission is completed, the system will generate a manuscript ID and login code sent to author's contact email.

For new submission,

  • Please suggest at least 4 to 7 potential reviewers and provide their detailed contact information including names, academic ranks, affiliations, and email addresses in the "Suggested reviewers" field. The suggested reviewers must be credible and free from any potential conflict of interest. Do not suggest reviewers from your same university or colleagues. It is up to the editors to decide whether to use the suggested reviewers.
  • Please also submit a cover letter explaining why the study is important and deserves publication.
  • Supplementary file(s): The initial submission allows one supplementary file to be submitted together with the main manuscript file and cover letter. If you have more than one supplementary files, you can submit the extra ones after the initial submission in the manuscript login page (manuscript ID and login code will be issued when initial submission is completed).
  • Note that the number of references must not exceed 200 for any type of manuscripts including review.
  • The person who makes the submission must be an author of the manuscript, normally, the corresponding author. Third party submission is not acceptable.
  • Submitting author: We require that the submitting author to be the corresponding author. The corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that the author list and author contributions are accurate and complete. The person noted as the corresponding author should be the person who is actually responsible for ensuring that all the proper forms are submitted and accurate, and should be readily available for correspondence if Theranostics editors have questions or concerns.
  • Please list all co-authors' emails in the "Additional email or contact info" field. Please separate the emails by ",". It is essential that all authors are aware and agree that the manuscript is submitted to Theranostics.

Note: To submit a revision of an existing manuscript, please login in here and follow the "Submit revision" link. Do not submit a revision as a new submission. Please provide point-by-point responses to the reviews in the cover letter.

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